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A MESSAGE FROM EXXONMOBIL PIPELINE COMPANY: Safety is a core value at ExxonMobil Pipeline Company. As we work with national, state, and local leaders, we will continue to put the safety of the communities we operate in at the forefront. For additional guidance from health and business leaders visit our resources page.

Investing in East Harris County

Investing in East Harris County

ExxonMobil is investing in midstream and energy infrastructure projects across eastern Harris County. These investments reinforce and enhance the safety and reliability of our existing pipeline operations.

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Investing in East Harris County
Investing in East Harris County
  • The Texas oil and gas pipeline industry provided more than $48.6 billion in economic impact

    The Texas oil and gas pipeline industry provided more than $48.6 billion in economic impact1

  • The Texas pipeline industry has supported more than 238,000 high-paying jobs

    The Texas pipeline industry has supported more than 238,000 high-paying jobs1

  • Energy capital of the US

    The Texas oil and natural gas industry paid more than $16 billion in state and local taxes and state royalties in 20191

Nobody Gets Hurt

Safety is a core value at ExxonMobil Pipeline Company. We strive for an incident-free workplace and a culture that supports our clear and simple objective: Nobody Gets Hurt. This extends to our neighbors and those who live and work near our pipelines and facilities.

811 Call before you dig

Call before you dig.

Doing What's Right

Doing What's Right

We believe in doing the right thing, the right way, every time. Information on how we maintain safe pipelines is available here.

Continuous Inspection

Continuous Inspection

Numerous inspections are conducted during our work to verify the integrity of the new pipe before it is placed into service. Once a pipeline is operational, we routinely inspect the pipeline and right of way, adhering to all applicable regulations.

Open Communication

Open Communication

We will communicate openly with our neighbors and community residents throughout this project. Once the replaced pipeline is in service, you’ll receive regular communications from ExxonMobil Pipeline Company and can continue to reach us through the phone number and email address provided on this site.


ExxonMobil is committed to developing safe and reliable energy sources for the future. Learn more about the technology and innovations that are helping to meet your community's energy needs.


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Through ongoing operations and construction in 2019 alone, the Texas oil and gas pipeline industry provided more than $48.6 billion in economic impact.

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Project Map

Our work in East Harris County

ExxonMobil Pipeline Company operates crude oil, refined product pipelines and multiple refined products and transfer facilities in East Harris County that are important to businesses and motorists across southeast Texas and the Gulf Coast.

Our work across the county will be conducted in the safest way possible to ensure minimal community disruption. Along the project route, you can expect to see survey activities, construction crews, excavation along the pipeline right-of-way, laying of new pipeline segments and welding of new pipe. In some areas, we may store pipe and other equipment in cooperation with property owners and/or public officials. Learn more about replacing a pipeline here.
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Project Map

Replacement Activities Underway

ExxonMobil and its affiliates own and operate multiple pipelines across East Harris County. In 2020, as part of our ongoing pipeline maintenance program and our continuing investments in the region, ExxonMobil Pipeline Company will begin maintenance and replacement work on and along more than 40 miles of these pipeline segments. Much of this work will take place in locations between the Houston Ship Channel and ExxonMobil Pipeline Company’s Webster Station in Webster, Texas. Work also will take place between our Pasadena Station and the Houston Ship Channel. The pipelines currently operating in these locations service ExxonMobil’s Baytown refinery, as well as other customers in the region. Learn more about constructing a pipeline.

How it Works

How it Works

Our work will resemble that of a utility crew and will include surveying the land, excavating a trench, staging the pipeline material and then welding and laying new pipeline segments.

The Route

The Route

Replacement and installation activities will mostly occur near and along the existing pipeline’s path, within our easements and at a safe distance away from inhabited structures and other utilities.

After Replacement

After Replacement

Once work has been completed, the right-of-way will be restored to as near its original condition as possible. The existing pipeline will continue to be operated safely until the replacement pipeline segments are operational.

In some areas, we will be using a technique called horizontal directional drilling (HDD). See the infographic. HDD allows us to install a pipeline underground while minimizing impacts to the environment and surface ground. Learn more about the proposed HDD project in the Houston Ship Channel

A pipeline that has been replaced is typically decommissioned, safely removed from service and maintained in place to minimize disturbances to the environment, our neighbors and existing pipelines or other utilities. See the infographic

ExxonMobil Pipeline Company's investment in this pipeline maintenance and project work in East Harris County totals more than $500 million.

Economic and workforce benefits

Economic and workforce benefits

Supporting Jobs
Supporting Jobs +
Our pipelines in the region provide important delivery and transportation services for manufacturers across East Harris County. These manufacturers support 33,000 jobs1 across the greater Houston area and contribute more than $12 billion to the regional economy. Our pipeline maintenance projects provide short-term jobs for construction and trade workers, and many area businesses will benefit from our work through various subcontracting service agreements and associated expenditures with local restaurants, hotels, equipment rental operators and other suppliers and service providers. Our projects will also support short-term construction jobs across the region for qualified welders, heavy equipment operators, drivers, safety managers and others.
In recent years, the United States has become one of the world’s top producers of oil and natural gas.1 The routes across East Harris County including Webster and Baytown are an important part of an interconnected network driving Texas to the forefront of the global energy renaissance.
Our maintenance and replacement processes are designed by industry experts to keep our pipelines running safely and reliably.
Supporting Jobs Advancing Texas Enhanced Reliability

Committed to the Community

Our team strives to do what is best for the community at every step of the permitting and construction process—because this is our home too. We appreciate the patience of our neighbors as we work to enhance the reliability of our operations. We strive for utmost transparency with property owners and community members.

We also like to give back to the communities where we operate in ways that reflect our company values: through grants to community institutions, supporting STEM education opportunities and sponsoring safety initiatives.

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Pipeline Facts

Getting you where you need to go.

Pipelines help you get where you need to go
Pipelines deliver fuels you use every day

Everybody knows pipelines carry crude oil from its source to refineries. But did you know that pipelines also deliver the affordable the gasoline and diesel you use to get where you need to go every day? In 2019, Americans consumed 142 billion gallons of gasoline; over 63,000 miles of pipelines are needed to deliver that gasoline to our local areas. Whether waiting on a delivery, driving to work, or taking a plane, we depend on fuel delivered by America's pipelines to help get us where we need to go.

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