Investing in East Harris County

ExxonMobil is investing in midstream and energy infrastructure projects across eastern Harris County. These investments reinforce and enhance the safety and reliability of our existing pipeline operations.

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Keeping Pipelines Safe

ExxonMobil Pipeline Company operates crude oil, refined product pipelines and multiple refined products and transfer facilities in East Harris County that are important to businesses and motorists across southeast Texas and the Gulf Coast.

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How We Support East Harris County

Working With Our Neighbors

We are committed to being a good neighbor. Safe operations and open communication are critical components to build and maintain those relationships. Hear from one of our right-of-way landowners, Millard.

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Supporting Jobs

Our pipelines in the region provide important delivery and transportation services for manufacturers across East Harris County.

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Advancing Texas — Promoting Energy Security

In recent years, the United States has become one of the world's top producers of oil and natural gas.

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Enhanced Reliability

Our maintenance and replacement processes are designed by industry experts to keep our pipelines running safely and reliably.

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Project Updates

ExxonMobil Pipeline Company is committed to developing safe and reliable energy sources for the future. Learn more about the technology and innovations that are helping to meet your community's energy needs.


API and TXOGA highlights the energy industry's economic impact in Texas


API and TXOGA's recent analysis highlights how the oil and natural gas industry directly and indirectly supports millions of jobs throughout Texas, making it vital to the state's economy.


Notice of ExxonMobil Pipeline Company project related traffic increases


Increased traffic is expected near ExxonMobil’s Polyethylene Plant on TX-90 between West and Rose Lanes beginning the first week of August and through project completion.


ExxonMobil Pipeline representatives brief Mont Belvieu City Council on upcoming pipeline project work


ExxonMobil Pipeline Company's community engagement representative and colleagues addressed the Mont Belvieu City Council on July 26th to address questions about upcoming project work.

Committed to the Community

Our team strives to do what is best for the community at every step of the permitting and construction process—because this is our home too.

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Sanitizer donation from ExxonMobil Pipeline Company to City of Dayton

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  • Moore Road (Baytown and Channelview) Summer 2021

  • Webster to Baytown Pipeline Summer 2021


Pipeline Facts and Resources

Pipelines are designed to meet stringent federal and state regulations covering pipeline material, strength and thickness. Pipelines, like cable, water and sewer lines, travel near the surface and far away from water sources deeper below. Computer-aided pipeline monitoring can rapidly detect issues so that pipeline operators can quickly shut down pumps and close valves to isolate segments, if necessary. This helps to ensure families and communities are protected.

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Operating pipelines safely.

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ExxonMobil Pipeline Company's investment in this pipeline maintenance and project work in East Harris County totals more than $500 million.

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